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 The Ashbory String Shop is your Source for Information and Strings for the Ashbory Bass.

Please use to purchase sets of Ashbory G-Strings and complete sets of Ashbory Bass Strings, and for general Ashbory information. If you have owned your Ashbory for any length of time you already know that you'll break more G-strings than any other string... and we can help with that! G-strings are available in quantities of 4 , 6 , and 10.   We also sell full sets of strings. Each set (EADG-G) includes an extra G-string (2 G's total), since I know you will need them. Combine full sets with sets of G-strings and save on shipping, since your entire order in the US will ship First Class for $4.95. International shipping is available, and the same "one shipping charge regardless of order size" applies.


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The Ashbory Bass brings back what was referred to as "the epitome of originality: the most innovative bass guitar ever created", says Guild's® 1987 literature. The 18-inch fretless scale and super lightweight body make it easy to create the growl of an upright or the punch of a standard electric bass. The patented Ashworth transducer and the silicone rubber strings are what make the Ashbory so unique, but the sound for live and recording applications is what makes it a necessity for any recording studio and a treat for any live performance.

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This is a website run by an Ashbory Bass player for Ashbory Bass players. I guarantee you honest answers for questions you may have about my favorite instrument, and the best prices I can find for strings for your Ashbory Bass.

There are many resources for information about the Ashbory Bass online. I am dedicated to providing silicone rubber strings at the very best prices I can find.


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